Spring naar inhoud


After Matthew Walker’s mother dies, his father is dragged into the dark corners of alcoholism by wife-beating sleaze, Ed Wilkinson—leaving 8-year-old Matt to care for his baby sister, Evy. When tragedy strikes, and Evy loses her life, Matt pins the troubles in his life on Ed, vowing to exact revenge one day.

Years later, Matt is deep into the mafia underworld doing jobs for a dangerous man known as The Priest. Now armed with the means to go after Ed Wilkinson, Matt’s determination puts him at odds with his mobster family, exposing him to new threats and betrayals.

Will Matthew Walker find redemption amidst the shadows of the underworld? Or will he succumb to the darkness he once sought to escape?

In Paradise of Dust, Nicolas Nan weaves a gripping tale of vengeance, suspense, and redemption that will leave fans exhilarated and hungry for more.

Matthew Walker’s life has been a series of heartaches—losing the woman he loved, the uncle who raised him, and finally establishing a bond with his estranged father, only to lose him as well. As he stands at the edge of despair, a glimmer of hope emerges when Elize Lockwood enters his life.

Elize brings not only happiness but also a darker secret. Her ex-boyfriend, Elmer Turturro, is a sinister individual who revels in watching his friend torture and murder women. Matt has no idea how drastically falling for Elize will change his life. As he tries to protect her, he becomes the target of Elmer’s deranged friend. The question arises of who this friend is. Could this serial killer really be someone from Matt’s past?

Steve Westmoreland and Elmer Turturro form a twisted duo set on a collision course with Matt. With danger closing in, Matt’s world spirals into heart-stopping suspense.

Winter Sun takes the reader on a riveting journey where love and darkness intertwine. The chilling encounter that follows will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

Terry Baskin’s return to his hometown of September for the first time in 23 years marks the beginning of a haunting journey.

The memories of a fateful summer at Cleavon Dwayne’s ranch, when Terry and his friends were just 14, refuse to fade. As he steps back into the familiar streets and among the familiar faces of September, Terry finds himself confronted by the shadows of his past. An unshakable burden weighs him down as he attempts to reconnect with his long-lost best friend, Bobby Joe, and Mallory, the girl he never stopped loving.

A haunting journey starts as Terry tries to make amends with what happened at the ranch.

Will September bring Terry closure and a chance to heal old wounds, or are some things destined to be broken?