Spring naar inhoud


The launch of Paradise of Dust

1st of April, 2023

The eBook version of my first published novel is now available on amazon.com. It feels like all the hard work has finally paid off. yet, at the same time it feels anti-climactic. The book is out there, and now what?

Okay, so I got the paperback sample—which is coming this week—to look forward to. If I approve that one, the book will be available not only as a kindle but as an actual book. Me, being kind of an old-school kind of person, enjoys that a lot.

I guess now I need to find my way to the group of readers that will enjoy my kind of work. I feel like I need to learn a lot when it comes to marketing and it surely doesn’t come natural to me. In the end, I hope the book speaks for itself, but I need to get it out there and have some word-of-mouth to reach my potential readers. As I go about that journey, it might be interesting to follow me and so I’ll try and update this blog as I go about the world as a published author. I hope it’s interesting for some of you to follow this so please check back regularly.

If you’ve got any comment, advice, questions or just opinions about anything, please feel encouraged to write me an email at nicolasnanautor@outlook.com I will be looking forward to having contact with the readers.

For now I’ll leave with this and I’ll dedicate the rest of my day to find out more about this marketing-beast which I’ll need to tame.

Thanks for visiting my website.